As a major supplier of IT and Telecom end-user data across Western Europe, we bring a strong focus on data quality and consistency. Our database web application help you quickly and accurately realize results that deliver superior ROI.

Our local partners can assist with list selection based on your company’s specific channels – direct sales, email, direct marketing or contact centres.

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The Right Contacts - For IT and Telecom Marketers

The EMIG database web application consists of a Marketing Module plus a number of Optional Modules that provide in-depth intelligence on the IT and Communications infrastructure at each site.

The contact and company information contained within the database is updated weekly:

Contact Module
All contacts across the General, Finance, ICT, Commercial, Technical, HR and Purchasing.

CPU Module
Number, brand, and type of mainframes, mid-range computers and servers at each site.

MCO Module
PC and terminal brands, types and quantities.

AUX Module
Information on storage technology, such as SAN and NAS.

OPR Module
(N)OS, DBMS, frameworks and development tools.

PRG Module
Critical applications, development initiatives, and packages by manufacturer, type and provider.

WEB Module
E-commerce, e-business, service providers, hosting, email, intranet and internet.

LAN Module
Network components, LAN architecture, Network OS and main LAN supplier.

WAN Module
Name of ISP, ISP access methods and WAN technologies.

TEL Module
PABX brand, Call Centers, number of seats and main voice supplier.

MOB Module
Mobile devices and software, PDAs by brand and type.

PRT Module
Information on printer quantities and brands (in certain countries only).

Purchase Intentions
Information on plans for future IT and Communications investment and expenditures (in certain countries only).

Content Masterdata

The information contained within EMIG’s databases comes in a consistent format that clients can access via a web-based software application.

It is built entirely by telephone research. From each of our national research centers, we conduct telephone interviews with IT decision-makers throughout Europe. Clients can easily query, analyze and segment their database by using the application’s intuitive graphic interface.

The database comprises a Marketing Module plus a number of Optional Modules that provide in-depth information on the IT and Communications infrastructure at each site.

Basic Demographics Module

Co. name, address, city, telephone and fax numbers, number of employees, SIC and activity code

Contact Module

All corporate contacts across General, Finance, IT, Commercial, Technical, HR and purchasing functions.

D&B Module

DUNs number (where available). In the UK and Benelux DUNS number and name of parent and ultimate parent, HQ/single location indicator, year established, and turnover.

Customers work from the same structured data sets; no matter what country their data is coming from – including industry classification, company size, group names and group company relationships (available for the most relevant European groups). This relieves much of the manual labor involved in compiling and segmenting contact lists.

Closed Loop Marketing

EMIG reporting allows you to gain visibility into your campaigns’ execution – beyond the contact details of prospects who are “sales ready“ leads.

You can access communications history data, closing the loop with your prospective customers’ response to your messaging – including keeping track of delivery and bounce rates, number of prospects who were contacted, or those who didn’t respond to an offer.

Populating Your CRM Database

These extensive campaign details add value. This process makes it easy to import, maintain and synchronize data in your CRM database, reducing man-hours spent keying in contact information from spreadsheets.