NetApp creates complete and up-to-date database for Europe

Date: 2013-05-24

To ensure that the fourteen European NetApp offices have a high-quality database As basis for their sales and marketing campaigns, the organization has worked with The web-based EMIG database for the past two years. Ton Brandsen, Senior Manager Marketing Operations EMEA at NetApp, explains why this was chosen, and discusses the advantages of a central approach.

Why did you opt for one uniform database?

“NetApp’s target group is large; we offer innovative storage and data management solutions to both SMEs and enterprises. We approach the market directly as well as through our partners. In our case this means that not only do we sell the products, but that the service provision ranges from advice through to implementation and maintenance. To map the market we use an internal database, along with the Computer Profile database. Two years ago we decided to start working with one central database within Europe, to secure the quality and to ensure that everyone is working in the same format. Research among suppliers was conducted in all countries, and it quickly became apparent that our preference often went to a partner of Computer Profile; all connected to the European Market Intelligence Group (EMIG).” The web-based EMIG database contains more than 200,000 companies and 1,000,000 DMUs and enables IT suppliers and developers to chart and approach their target group precisely.

What role does this database play in NetApp’s go to market strategy?

“Via Computer Profile we opted for the EMIG database as a supplement to our own database, because it has the best coverage, quality and availability. An external database is needed to augment our own (prospect) information, but also for analysing the installed base. Now that the installed base data is reproduced in the same format for all countries, it’s simpler to conduct trans-national analysis. The qualitative data is also deployed by our central telemarketing department in Barcelona, the marketing managers of all countries and sales staff. All the information we collect on clients or prospects is returned to our database, even when it is not yet a direct lead. Lead nurturing is a vital part of our market approach. Therefore and for rolling out campaigns, having a high-quality database as basis is crucial.”

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