Single point of contact for data enrichment at Unisys in Europe

Date: 2014-02-05

Unisys relies on information from within the company and beyond to enrich and expand the prospects database. Internal and external information for the various sales and marketing teams all over the world is stored in a single central database. Jan Ostmann, Database Marketing Manager EMEA at Unisys, talks about how he used Computer Profile’s European database to achieve a centralised approach.

What does the Unisys sales and marketing strategy look like?

“Unisys transformed itself over the years from product - driven to service - driven. The organisation’s current focus is primarily on services, and less on technology. Our own data centres allow us to offer clients the same services all over the world. This is especially key for international organisations that expect the same standard of quality in every country. We have a single corporate marketing plan worldwide, and we work with a single CRM system from There is a constant flow of marketing activities: telemarketing, direct mails and email updates. ...